Author: Sean Clifford

Community Call Out

Cleveland Fire Brigade have issued an appeal for on-call firefighters to step forward and help their local communities. The recruitment drive comes on the back of the coronavirus crisis when neighbourhoods came to together to support each other. Steve Johnson, Senior Head, Engagement and Prevention, said: “During these unprecedented times we have seen many shining examples of everyone working together to keep people safe. We … Read more Community Call Out »

female on call ff

Fly-tipping Fire Sparks Angry Warning

Firefighters have condemned the mindless action of those who dumped and set fire to large piles of rubbish. Crews were called twice to a field near Flodden Way, Billingham, shortly after 11pm last night as the fly-tipping, including discarded cardboard delivery boxes and bed frames, was well alight. A fridge freezer had to be pulled away from the danger. After putting it out in about … Read more Fly-tipping Fire Sparks Angry Warning »

Appeal for fire safety in the home

Careless cooking can be a recipe for disaster warns Cleveland Fire Brigade. It comes after negligence in the kitchen sparked recent house fires. Unattended cooking, too much clutter, alcohol and distractions are top of the list for danger at a time when more people are at home during the current lockdown. Steve Johnson, Area Manager Prevention said: “There are a lot more people indoors at … Read more Appeal for fire safety in the home »

Garden fire warning

Cleveland Fire Brigade has warned of the dangers of fires in the garden during the current lockdown. Steve Johnson, Area Manager for Prevention, said: “These are unprecedented times with most people stuck at home. There may be the temptation to set fire to garden waste but I would urge residents to act responsibly. Such fires can quickly get out of control, putting property and lives … Read more Garden fire warning »