The Headland Community Fire Station is situated in the Headland & Harbour ward of Hartlepool in a predominantly residential area. The station provides fire cover to homes and local businesses in the north of town which sits on a spur on the coastline. The station also includes industrial sites such as The Port of Hartlepool.

There are also several important heritage sites within the Headland area including, the 14th century Town Wall and St Hilda’s Church, the Heugh Battery, the only UK shore based battery to have fired its guns in anger during the First World War.

The Headland Fire Station is staffed utilising the Retained Duty System. Local residents are also on call firefighters living within 5 minutes travel time of the station. Retained Duty Firefighters usually have other commitments in their local community and wider area, but give a commitment to respond to emergency calls when needed.

The station has a single fire appliance and also supports a community network of neighbourhood forums, agency partners and local councillors who share information and work hard to reduce risks in the ward.

Retained drill night is Wednesday 6.00pm-9.00pm

Interested in becoming a retained Firefighter?

Community facilities for hire

Members of the community are able to hire the community room at the station for community activities. Room hire is £1.96 per hour (£2.35 including VAT). To book a room call 01429 266942 or email



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