How Sprinklers Work

Sprinklers detect a fire in its early stages and will operate before the fire enrages and becomes life-threatening.

The system is heat-activated at a temperate of 57 degrees celsius (domestic property) when the concealed lid drops off.  At 65 – 70 degrees celsius, the glass bulb of the sprinkler head smashes, allowing the plug to drop and water to be released.

Water from the activated sprinkler will cool the atmosphere around the fire, which will reduce the rate of burning, the production of smoke and will protect the surround materials limiting fire spread. Research illustrates that the vast majority of fires controlled by a sprinkler system have involved just one sprinkler head activating.

The following information and original artwork were kindly provided by the Residential Sprinklers Association (RSA). More information about the RSA, residential sprinklers and accredited installers is available here .