On this page you can view the Authority’s financial reports including expenditure, accounts, the annual pay policy statement and audit information.

Statement of Accounts for previous years are located here

The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) integrates the Authority’s financial plans and the Community Integrated Risk Management Plan (CIRMP).

Medium Term Financial Strategy 2018/19 to 2022/23 (including Reserves Strategy) and Council Tax Setting (PDF)

The Reserves Strategy 2018/2019 to 2022/2023 (Appendix C) was considered and approved by the Authority as part of the Medium Term Financial Strategy in February 2019.  Our Reserves Strategy provides a comprehensive analysis of our reserves and how these resources will be used to support the delivery of services, including our capital programme, and to manage financial risk.

Treasury Management Strategy 2022/2023 (PDF)

This report outlines the Authority's Treasury Management Strategy for 2022/23.

Members Allowance Scheme (PDF)

Notice of the Members’ Allowance Scheme for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2023.

Payments to Suppliers over £500
The Authority is required to publish details of all payments made to suppliers where a specific contract is over the value of £500.

Local Government Transparency Code – Fraud

Details of counter fraud work and associated staffing – nil return 2021/22

External Auditor Reports