It is vital everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire:

  • Know your building evacuation plan – make an escape plan so you are prepared
  • Close doors to stairways and keep exits clear of obstructions
  • If there’s a fire in your flat, get out, raise the alarm, dial 999 and stay out
  • Don’t use lifts when leaving the building in an emergency – always use the stairs
  • If you’re trapped in your flat get to the safest room, keep doors closed and use towels/ bedding at the bottom of the doors to block the smoke.
  • On arrival, the fire and rescue service will provide on-site advice regarding evacuation
  • Stay put policy – check with the building manager regarding the evacuation policy
  • Never assume someone as called 999 multiple calls to a fire are better than none at all

Useful links

  • Request a free Home Fire Safety Visit by calling 01429 874063
  • Your rented home – advice on landlords responsibilities