Here at Cleveland Fire Brigade we offer various programmes aimed at developing personal skills such as self-discipline, confidence, team working and improving citizenship skills.

Our one week programmes are innovative and unique. LIFE, FIRE TEAM and FAMILY LIFE are all about supporting and educating teenagers, adults and families to change their behaviour and improve their knowledge and skills.

The programmes enable participants to take pride in themselves while learning about the impact of negative and anti-social behaviours. We pride ourselves in working with people who may have been involved in anti-social behaviour, hoax calls, arson or other dangerous activities.

Courses are successful with dropout rates being extremely low because it’s fun and innovative way to learn, and is both physically demanding and mentally challenging. But more than that, it’s conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie. Whilst participants maybe enjoy activities such as climbing ladders, using hoses, all the time they are learning key life skills.

Throughout the programme instructors promote safety messages which participants take back home and share in their communities.

For more information call 01429 872311 or email Elaine Smith, Youth Development Manager