During the darker nights many people like to use different types of bulbs, lights or lampshades and decorative lighting is becoming an increasingly popular way to light your home.

Follow our safety tips below:

  • Keep lights and bulbs away from fabric e.g.curtains
  • When changing bulbs ensure light is off and the bulb is cool before removing
  • Ensure bulbs are the correct size and wattage for the lamp or light
  • If using paraffin lamps ensure they are in working order and area is well-ventilated
  • If using lamps and decorative lights check for damage to wires and replace broken bulbs and check the fuse in the plug is the correct size
  • Remember do not overload sockets and switch off lights before going out or to bed
  • Ensure the bulbs of decorative lightsg. those on Christmas trees don’t touch other decorations that might easily burn e.g. paper or fabric decorations
  • Only use lights designed for outdoor use outside and use an RCD-protected socket
  • Know the location of your fuse box (sometimes called consumer unit) in case of an emergency so you can turn off the electricity quickly

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