Physical Assessments

This is the third stage of the recruitment process. You must be successful at this stage in order to proceed to the next stage of the selection process.

The role of a firefighter is physically demanding so it is important for us to assess your ability to handle the situations and challenges you will face. The tests are designed to assess your level of physical fitness in line with the requirements of the role. Candidates must perform all the tests whilst wearing firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE), provided on the day. For each test, full instructions will be provided.

It is important that on the day of your assessment you arrive fit and well hydrated. Health and wellbeing is essential to the role of a Firefighter. You must keep well hydrated and drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid per day. You must make sure that you drink water before, during and after the tests.

You will be required to undertake and successfully complete all of the following tests in order to be deemed to have passed the Role Related Assessment:

Ladder Climb

Designed to assess confidence at heights. Wearing a safety harness, you are required to ascend two thirds of the way up a 13.5 metre ladder and take a leg-lock. You will be asked to lean backwards and outstretch your arms to the sides, then confirm a symbol being shown by the assessor at ground level.

Casualty Evacuation

Designed to assess upper and lower body strength and coordination. You are required to drag a 55kg dummy backwards around a 30m course, by a carrying handle fixed to the dummy.

Ladder Lift

Designed to assess upper and lower body strength and coordination. You are required to raise the bar of a ladder lift simulator to the required height with 30kg of weight placed on the simulator cradle.

Enclosed Space

Designed to assess confidence, agility and stamina. You are required to wear a full breathing apparatus set and face mask whilst negotiating a crawl system with restricted vision.

Equipment Assembly

Designed to assess manual dexterity. You are given a demonstration of the test before having to assemble and disassemble a number of components to make an item of equipment.

Equipment Carry

Designed to assess your levels of aerobic endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance this test replicates the physical demands involved in setting up a water relay station. You are required to carry items of equipment up and down a course between two cones placed 25m apart whilst wearing full Firefighter PPE.

Ladder Extension

Designed to assess upper body strength, coordination and grip. You are required to extend a line to a simulated working height before lowering it back to the ground

Ladder Lift Manoeuvre & Carry Test

Designed to assess strength, coordination and team work. You are required to work as a team of four to lift and carry a 13.5m ladder over a distance of 20m

To support you in preparation for these tests please see our fitness guide.

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