Many of us enjoy using candles, tea lights and scented candles to create an atmosphere in our homes, particularly during celebrations and on dark evenings. But if left unattended an open flame can destroy your home in minutes. Follow our advice to keep your home safe.

Candle advice:

  • Use fire resistant holders – always place candles and tea lights in a suitable candleholder
  • Place on flat, stable surface – and ensure the surface it is heat resistant
  • Keep away from fabric – such as curtains, furniture and anything else that could catch fire
  • Don’t place on plastic surfaces – such as baths or televisions
  • Leave at least 10cm – between burning candles and tea lights
  • Never place under shelves – or other enclosed spaces
  • Keep away from children & pets – store candles, tea lights, matches and lighters safely
  • Keep loose clothing and hair – away from lit candles and tea lights
  • Put candles out – before going out or to bed, use a snuffer or metal spoon to avoid sparks
  • Leave candles to cool – before trying to move them
  • Never leave lit candles or tea lights unattended – or alone with children or pets

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