We are always keen to hear from our local communities, so have your say and get involved in our current consultation(s):

Safer Homes

We are always looking to improve the services we deliver to our communities. Through feedback we review our Safer Homes Assessments to ensure that they help to reduce the risk of fire and make our communities safer and stronger.

If you’ve had smoke alarms installed and received a Safer Home Assessment, please complete this anonymous survey to provide your feedback:  Safer Home Assessment survey.

Have Your Say

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) consultation. The consultation came to an end on 21 January and we are currently analysing results and will share our findings shortly.

Our Services Survey 2021

Following on from our Awareness Survey earlier in the year we want to know what you know about the services that Cleveland Fire Brigade provides, what services you need and how best for us to keep in touch with you.

Thanks to everyone who took part. This survey closed on 31 August we are currently analysing results and will share our findings soon.

Business Survey 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey. Almost 70% of you were aware that CFB has a Business Safety team and almost 50% of you felt that fire safety was the most important service. The majority of businesses would prefer to communicate via email or face to face events.

Our Fire Engineering team are carefully examining the results and looking at how they can adapt or promote ways of working to better support businesses.

Vision 2030 Community Survey

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey which closed Friday 30 April. For the results please visit Vision 2030 Community Survey results.

Awareness Survey 2021

Thank you to everyone who took part in this survey. It is encouraging that so many of you are aware of what we do and we were delighted to hear that 86% of respondents are satisfied with our services – but there is always room for improvement!

We had a particularly good response from our communities in Redcar & Cleveland so big thanks to them – we are always keen to hear from our communities so please look out for our next survey looking at our services – coming soon.

We have 14 fire stations across Cleveland that have a mix of staffing wholetime (6) , on-call (6) mix of both (2). We aim to have 18 fire engines on duty across Cleveland each day. We dealt with over 12,000 emergency calls in 2018/19.

Unwanted Fire Signals (False Alarm Calls) Consultation 2020

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback for this consultation.

Following our consultation Cleveland Fire Authority introduced a recovery of costs policy from April 2021for attending premises which have a persistent problem with false alarms, where a poor performance threshold is reached. For more information about this please visit this link to our fire alarms page: www.clevelandfire.gov.uk/fire-alarms/