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Unwanted Fire Signals (False Alarm Calls)

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback for this consultation which examined how the Brigade could further reduce false alarm calls.

Having reviewed all the information generated during the consultation Cleveland Fire Authority have agreed a trial from 1 September 2020 for 12 months which will see us expand the timeframes of the strategy to cover a 24 hour period 7 days a week. This will mean that Cleveland Fire Brigade will not attend Accidental Fire Alarm’s to low and medium risk premises, unless a backup call is received from the premises via the 999 system, confirming there is a fire.

If the call is received via an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) they will need to confirm that no persons are present on the premises to investigate the cause of the alarm prior to the Brigade mobilising a fire engine.  

High risk, special risk and residential properties will receive a fire engine to investigate the cause of the alarm. Some businesses may be exempt from the changes if there are exceptional circumstances. Any request for an exemption due to significant risk must be made by email.