Vision 2030 Community Survey results

Hands shaking

CFB is trusted and respected (86%)

smiley face

CFB is welcoming (74%)

person with whiteboard

CFB learns from others (60%)

improvement chart

CFB promotes continuous improvement (74%)


CFB shares learning (65%)

hands around plant (environmentally friendly)

CFB is environmentally friendly (54%)

digital cog

CFB is digitally enabled (65%)

thumbs up

Employees are proud to work for CFB (74%)

light bulb jigsaw

Employees are highly skilled (97%)


Employee health and safety is a priority (85%)

diverse people

Employees are from a diverse background (68%)


Employees are motivated to be the best (65%)

magnet and person

Employees are engaged (66%)

clapping hands

Employees make a difference (94%)

padlock inside badge

I feel safe and protected (86%)

understanding each other

I understand what CFB does (91%)

person thinking

CFB understands my expectations (63%)


I share your vision for the future (45%)

speech bubbles

CFB engages with me (46%)

hands holding surrounding cfb

CFB is visible in my community (74%)