Help keep your garden safe by following our tips:

  • Put it away make sure tools etc. are away out of sight in a shed or lockable storage
  • Store hazardous materials carefully pesticides, fertilizers, gas cylinders, flammable liquids, BBQ’s etc. Don’t keep large amounts and ensure signage is visible to emergency services
  • Clear rubbish don’t let rubbish pile up it can be a target for arsonists, store securely away from premises and dispose of it properly
  • Wheelie bins – put them out on the day of collection, bring back in as soon as you can and store securely out of sight and away from premises
  • Don’t put hot ash or cigarettes in your wheelie bin they can smoulder and cause a fire
  • Don’t burn domestic waste – it is illegal to burn rubbish that contains plastic, foam, paint, furniture, tyres etc.
  • If smoke from a neighbours bonfire is causing an issue you should speak to your local council

Keeping safe out and about:

Grass fires spread quickly so follow these tips to keep yourself and your community safe:

  • Discard of cigarettes carefully in the correct place and ensure fully extinguished
  • Take your rubbish with you – especially glass that can magnify in the sun
  • Don’t use BBQ’s or camp fires
  • If you see a fire – don’t attempt to tackle, report immediately and evacuate the area