Saltburn was once a small fishing village but was transformed with the opening of a railway from Darlington which terminates in the town. The Pease family (Local ironstone and mining masters) had a vision of developing Saltburn as a Spa town on the north east coast of Yorkshire. The town still maintains many of its Victorian buildings and is currently having resurgence as a holiday destination. There are miles of sandy beaches framed by dramatic cliffs.

Saltburn Fire Station is staffed utilising the Retained Duty System. Local residents are also on call firefighters living within 5 minutes travel time of the station. Retained Duty Firefighters usually have other commitments in their local community and wider area, but give a commitment to respond to emergency calls when needed.

There are two appliances stationed at Saltburn, a ‘multistar’ aerial appliance with a reach of 32m and a four wheel drive pickup for rural support.

Retained drill night is Tuesday 6.00pm – 9.00 pm

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