Skelton Fire Station

People Manager
Tony McGouran
Station Details
High Street, Skelton TS12 2ED:
T: 01287 651890


Skelton Fire Station operates 24/7 but uses retained firefighters living within 5 minutes travel time of the station. Retained firefighters usually have other jobs in their local community but respond to emergency calls when needed.

Skelton Fire Station is one of four part-time stations covering the village of Skelton and parts of east Cleveland, which is made up of approximately 17499 hectares and includes a population of 47020. This equates to 69% and 35% respectively of the totals for the borough of Redcar and Cleveland. The area contains a blend of medium to light industry, agriculture and the UK’s deepest mine at Boulby potash.

The closely knit communities of East Cleveland vary widely in prosperity. The towns of Saltburn and Guisborough are both relatively thriving, whilst Skelton and Loftus have witnessed economic decline and higher levels of unemployment.


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