Retained Support Officer

Steve McCallister

Station Details

High Street, Skelton, TS12 2ED

01287 651890

Skelton is a town in the East of Redcar and Cleveland. The Village developed in the 18th century boom as a mining town as it was situated on top of the Cleveland ironstone seam. Mining continued here until the last mine closed in the early 1960’s. The town has prospered again in recent years due to increased building of houses and infrastructure.

Skelton Fire Station provides cover for the town and surrounding area. It is also the second respond to the surrounding areas of Loftus, Saltburn and Guisborough. The area also contains a mixture of small hamlets, light industry and agriculture.

Skelton Fire Station is staffed using he On-Call Duty System. Local residents are also on call firefighters living within five minutes travel time of the station. On-Call Duty Firefighters usually have other commitments in their local community and wider area, but give a commitment to respond to emergency calls when needed. There is a single fire engine based at this station.

On-Call drill night is Monday 6.00pm – 9.00pm – book by contacting Steve McCallister on 07802699765

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