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Cleveland Fire Brigade provides fire and rescue services to 4 local authorities covering nearly 600km2. The area has a combined population of nearly 560,000 people living in 237,776 homes.

The map below shows the whole of the Cleveland area and the red pins are the location of our fire stations. Click on them to view more information.

Cleveland is seventh most densely populated fire authority area in England. Only the big Metropolitan Brigades are more densely populated, but Cleveland shares many of the inner-city-type problems that are a key feature of the Metropolitan Brigades.

The Brigade meets its challenges through the work or four Districts serving each of its local authority areas:


Cleveland Emergency Planning Unit

The Unit provides an emergency planning service across the area. Its role is to ensure the local authorities and emergency services are prepared to respond to incidents.

The Unit also incorporates the Emergency Planning Officers from Cleveland Police, Cleveland Fire Brigade and the North East Ambulance Service making it a unique arrangement. This approach ensures strong partnership working with excellent co-operation and sharing of information.

You can view their website or view the area’s Community Risk Register.