SAFE is designed to help a range of young people develop self-discipline, confidence, teamwork and good citizenship. To promote fire safety messages to participants, their families and friends.

Our SAFE programme uses many elements of our successful LIFE course but is delivered in a number of shorter sessions, it is inclusive and can be tailored for any group of any ability.

The programme positively inspires young people to take part in a number of activities designed to bring out their team spirit and to encourage them to think about the wider community in which they live.

SAFE has been successfully delivered since 2004 to over 600 young people on more than 80 courses from across our communities. During the course, participants will become more aware of the consequences of anti-social behaviour, hoax calls, arson, TWOCing etc.

SAFE is an enjoyable, fun way to learn, not only fire service and safety practices, but also valuable life skills which may help improve behaviour, increase self-discipline and esteem. The course will also improve communication skills and teamwork and encourage respect for others.

Like many of our programmes SAFE is physically demanding, mentally challenging and the participants work towards a recognised qualification presented upon completion of the course. For more information call us on 01429 872311 or email Elaine Smith, Youth Development Manager at