Calendar 2022/23

The calendar details the dates of those meetings to be held in the current municipal year. Unless otherwise stated all meetings are held at the Training & Administration Hub, Hartlepool.

Full Authority

2:00pm 24 March 2023

2:00pm 10 February 2023

2:00pm 9 December 2022

2:00pm 14 October 2022

2:00pm 29 July 2022 – cancelled

2:00pm 17 June 2022 – Annual Meeting

Executive Committee

11:15am 3 March 2023

11:15am 20 January 2023

11:15am 25 November 2022

11:15am 23 September 2022

11:15am 8 July 2022 (PDF)

Audit and Governance Committee

11:00am 17 February 2023

11:00am 18 November 2022

11:00am 26 August 2022

11:00am 24 June 2022 (PDF)

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Full Authority

Meets on a bi-monthly basis and sets the strategic direction of the Authority. It is a corporate body with the legal responsibility for making decisions about all matters concerning the functions, powers, duties and responsibilities of the Authority which are invested in it by statute and / or common law.

Executive Committee

Meets on a bi-monthly basis and makes recommendations to the CFA on major strategic issues and policy formulation. It also performs the function of the Fire Authority where an urgent decision is needed when it is not practicable to call a full meeting.

Audit and Governance Committee

Meets quarterly to provide independent assurance of performance, risk management and associated control environments. It is also responsible for the scrutiny of financial and non-financial performance issues.

Local Pension Board

In this section you will find information relating to the Local Pension Board which was established on 27 March 2015.  This information includes Membership, the Terms of Reference and Agendas, Papers and Minutes of meetings.