Executive Leadership team

The Executive Leadership team (ELT) provide the senior executive officer function within the Brigade.

The Fire Authority delegates to the ELT, the effective management of the organisation and its resources, the delivery of the primary corporate, operational and enabling services and the execution of the statutory responsibilities.

Cleveland Fire Authority

Chief Fire Officer

Ian Hayton
Carl Boasman headshot

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Director of Community Protection

Carl Boasman
Karen Winter headshot

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Director of Strategic Planning & Resources

Karen Winter
Chris little headshot

Chief Finance Officer

Chris Little
Peter Devlin headshot

Legal Advisor and Monitoring Officer

Peter Devlin
Simon Weastell - Area Manager

Senior Head of Operations

Simon Weastell
Robin Turnbull Area Manager at Cleveland Fire Brigade

Senior Head of Prevention, Protection & Engagement

Robin Turnbull
Christine Chisholm headshot

Senior Head of People

Christine Chisholm
Darren richards headshot

Senior Head of Assets

Darren Richards