Give back to YOUR community

Picture of 8 on-call firefighters standing seperately in uniform in front of HQ building.

Cleveland Fire Brigade is appealing for more people to step forward and take up the challenge of becoming a community on-call firefighter.

Our on-call firefighters come from a real variety of backgrounds and roles including teachers, funeral directors, engineers to name but a few. They put time aside to take up the role alongside their other responsibilities.   

Simon Weastell, Area Manager, Senior Head of Operations, said: “We recently welcomed eight new recruits to our on-call teams who demonstrated commitment dedication and selflessness in serving their local communities.

Being an on-call firefighter is a varied and highly rewarding role and we are looking for others to follow their example. You will be sharing your duties with highly motivated colleagues and putting the safety of your local area, family, friends and neighbours first.

In return we offer an annual ‘retainer’ payment plus hourly rates paid when firefighters attend incidents or training as well as disturbance fees and the opportunity to learn new skills such as first aid, road traffic collision procedures and fire safety.”

Helen Alderson, who was one of the eight people to recently complete the 12-week firefighter training programme, said: “I have always admired the Fire Brigade and the service that they provide to the community. I became interested in becoming an on-call firefighter after seeing the recruitment drive a few years ago. This year I decided to challenge myself and apply, with the hope I would be able to give back to the community in which I live. I work as a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in a local college which gives me the opportunity to devote my time in the school holidays to the role of on-call firefighter.”

We are particularly looking to recruit to Yarm, Saltburn, Headland and Redcar Community Fire Stations.

Applications for the next on-call firefighters training course which is due to start in June 2022 closes on 22 February 2022.

Drop-in sessions are taking place at our retained fire stations on their drill nights, and there will be on-line information sessions about the different stages of the selection process – follow us on social media to find out more. 

For more information visit or email