Author: Natalie Routledge

Firefighters Save Four Legged Friends

Cleveland firefighters are taking the lead to save dogs and other domestic pets from suffering in serious fires. All fire engines are now fitted with tailor-made pet oxygen masks to make resuscitation easier and quicker and save them from smoke inhalation. The idea for the roll-out came from Hartlepool Firefighter Martin Bonner, nicknamed the ‘dog whisperer’, after he saved a dog from a house fire … Read more Firefighters Save Four Legged Friends »

Cleveland Fire Authority – Audit of Accounts Year Ended 31st March 2022

Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015, Regulation 15(2) (b), Accounts and Audit (Amendment) Regulations 2021 Notice of the electors’ rights in relation to the statement of accounts of Cleveland Fire Authority for the financial year ended 31 March 2022 Rights to inspect the statement of accounts and accounting records Sections 25 and 26 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (“the Act”) provide local … Read more Cleveland Fire Authority – Audit of Accounts Year Ended 31st March 2022 »

Checking Your Home Safety

Cleveland Fire Brigade is supporting the NFCC’s national Home Safety Week (13 – 19 June) and urging people to take fire safety precautions in the home to stay safe. They are reminding residents that a free Safer Home Assessment is available for a quick check-up to make sure everything is in order and reduce the risk of fire. Robin Turnbull, Area Manager – Prevention, Protection … Read more Checking Your Home Safety »

Your Community Needs You!

Cleveland Fire Brigade is appealing for more people to step forward and take up the challenge of becoming a community On-Call Firefighter. Our On-Call Firefighters come from a real variety of backgrounds and roles including teachers, funeral directors, and engineers to name but a few. They put time aside to take up the role alongside their other responsibilities.    Simon Weastell, Area Manager, Senior Head … Read more Your Community Needs You! »

Buckle Up and Stay Safe

Cleveland Fire Brigade and Cleveland Police are backing a national campaign to get motorists to “buckle up” and follow seatbelt laws. Latest figures show between 2017 and 2021 there were 27 people across the North East killed in collisions while not being strapped in. A further 105 were seriously injured and 174 received slight injuries. Although being strapped in properly featured in five percent of … Read more Buckle Up and Stay Safe »