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We’ve changed the 12 days of Christmas to the 12 dangers of Christmas.

We know it’s an exciting time of year, but make sure your Christmas doesn’t go up in flames.

Please follow our safety tips to help you and your family to stay safe and celebrate:

  • Faulty fairy lights on the tree… Christmas lights with a fault can spark, causing a fire which spreads rapidly.
  • Clothes drying on the heater… it might be cold outside, but drying clothes on a heater can quickly lead to a fire.
  • A blocked doorway with no escape… a fire can quickly spread in your home – always have an escape route.
  • A greasy oven needing a clean… dirty cookers full of grease and fat can easily catch fire and get out of control.
  • A broken smoke alarm… Make sure your smoke alarm will tell you if a fire starts in your home.
  • Candles left burning all night… Get in the festive mood with candles this Christmas, but blow them out when you go to bed.
  • A socket with too many plugs… with lots of things plugged in over Christmas, make sure your sockets aren’t overloaded.
  • Mum and Dad smoking in bed… Cigarettes at bedtime are an accident waiting to happen.
  • A drunken midnight feast… almost half of kitchen fires start by leaving cookers unattended. Still hungry after those beers?
  • Tinsel on the mantelpiece… Hanging decorations above an open fire can quickly lead to disaster.
  • Lungs full of toxic smoke… Two to three breaths of toxic smoke can make you unconscious. Test your smoke alarm weekly.
  • A deadly electrical fire… You’re using lots of electrical gadgets this Christmas. Turn them off before you go to bed.

Click here to watch the messages come to life in our advent calendar.

Visit our interactive festive home below. Click on the different images of household items and appliances to view safety advice and tips about them or the area of the home they are located in.

Safety house

Remember you can always contact us for fire safety advice on 01429 874063 or email us at


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