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Be a bright spark – attend an organised display

Stay safe and only attend an organised fireworks display is the message from Cleveland Fire Brigade for 5 November celebrations.

Steve Johnson, Area Manager, Prevention and Protection, said: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves and it is much safer to leave the handling of fireworks to the experts. Going to an organised display, on a secure and cordoned off site keeps you well away from danger and possible injury. Many have music, food and other entertainment to add to the fun.

Our Local Authorities and community groups invest resources to put on excellent, safe and enjoyable events. We are asking everyone to please follow our advice to enjoy the celebrations in safety.”

Organised displays are being held across Cleveland and Cleveland Fire Brigade have pulled together a list of events on their website:

School saved by sprinklers after an electrical fire

Cleveland Fire Brigade was called to a fire in a school in Marske by the sea last night, which was out on arrival thanks to sprinklers that had been installed, protecting the school from significant damage.

The incident comes just weeks after Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton praised Hartlepool Borough Council’s move to introduce a policy ensuring sprinkler systems will be included in all plans for new schools.

The fire, which took place at Bydales School on Marlborough Avenue, was caused by an electrical fault in a washing machine which was situated in the caretaker’s office. Two fire engines attended the incident, one from Redcar and one from Skelton, but the fire was already out on their arrival.

Joe Flounders, Head of Fire Engineering said, “Thanks to the sprinklers, the fire was kept contained and also extinguished, creating only minimum fire damage the area. Had the sprinklers not been there, the fire could have easily spread causing severe damage to the school; impacting on the student’s education. Thankfully the school was still able to open this morning.

This incident once again proves the value that sprinklers can play; they are highly effective in the suppression of fires and play a huge part in improving the safety of the people in the building and the protection of property. They also bring down the cost of fire, reduce the impact on the environment and minimalize disruption to the community.

We urge owners all vulnerable buildings including schools, residential care homes, high rise blocks, houses in multiple occupation and large commercial premises, to fit sprinklers. As well as encouraging other Councils to follow in the footsteps of Hartlepool Borough Council to ensure all future plans for schools include sprinkler systems.”

Firefighters under attack

Firefighters tackling a rubbish fire in Middlesbrough have come under attack from youths throwing missiles and damaging equipment.

Cleveland’s Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton has again warned that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Fire engines are fitted with CCTV cameras and footage has been passed onto Cleveland Police.

The latest violent incident saw crews having wood and other objects thrown at them, youngsters   standing on hoses to prevent the flow of water and opening the rear doors of appliances to try and remove equipment. The youths, while crews were tackling the rubbish fire, also tried to start another fire nearby.

It comes after Cleveland Fire Brigade recently fitted firefighters with body cameras in a pilot scheme to help stem the rising number of attacks.

Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton said: “Make no mistake such totally irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated. We join forces with other emergency services in condemning these incidents. We have a duty to protect our firefighters who are protecting the local community. With body cameras and CCTV cameras we will now be able to capture more evidence of those involved.”

Latest figures show a 60% increase in violent attacks on firefighters with more than 100 reported in the last three years.

Assorted missiles and weapons directed at firefighters include knives, metal bars, stones, laser pens, large planks of wood, beer cans and catapults firing bolts and ball bearings.

From April 2015 to the end of March 2016 there were 28 reported violent attacks on crews. For the same period from April last year to March 2018 there were 45 such incidents – an increase of just over 60% over three years. There were 31 incidents in 2016/17.

Sergeant Oliver Flight, Cleveland Police, said: “Police are carrying out enquiries into this incident and will be looking through all available footage to establish the identity of those involved. This type of behaviour is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated.”

Tenth Year for Stay Safe and Warm

Cleveland Fire Brigade’s annual Stay Safe and Warm campaign starts today (Oct 1) for the tenth year in a row.

Although the launch coincides with International Older Persons Day the free support is available to all ages and anyone struggling to stay warm this winter.

Following a free home assessment, equipment on loan includes electric heaters, thermal blankets and flasks. The Brigade is also able to advise on who to turn to for advice on managing fuel bills.

Where funding is available, referrals can be made for free boiler repairs or replacements.

Cleveland’s Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton said: “Anyone who knows anyone who could be struggling during the colder weather should get in touch immediately. It is not just older people who are vulnerable and at risk during the winter months. We regularly hear from families with young children who cannot afford to have their heating on.

We are here to help and offer any support that may be needed.”

The Stay Safe and Warm campaign is led by Cleveland Fire Brigade and runs from October until the end of March.

Other organisations involved include Age UK Teesside, Hartlepool, Stockton, Redcar and Cleveland and Middlesbrough Councils, Middlesbrough and Stockton MIND, Warm Homes Healthy People, Stockton and Middlesbrough Environment City.

To contact Stay Safe and Warm ring 01429 874063 or go to

Sprinklers for all schools

Cleveland’s Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton has praised Hartlepool Borough Council’s move to have sprinkler systems included in all plans for new schools.

The safety measures have been adopted as planning policy by the local authority.

Ian Hayton said: “This is a commendable step forward which we fully support as it improves fire safety in schools.

“All the evidence show that sprinklers are highly effective in the suppression of fires and play a huge part in improving the safety of people in the building

 “Sprinklers reduce death and injury from fire, protect property and reduce the risk to firelighters. They also bring down fire costs and help minimise disruption to the community.”

Cleveland Fire Brigade is urging all vulnerable buildings including schools, residential care homes, high rise blocks, houses with multiple occupation and large commercial premises, to be fitted with sprinklers.

For further advice go to