LIFE course

The aim:

To develop self-discipline, a sense of community and good citizenship. To promote fire safety messages to participants, their families and friends. To educate young people about and divert them away from anti-social behaviour.


Our LIFE programme is innovative and unique. LIFE is about rescuing targeted teenagers from their genuinely dangerous ways.

LIFE is about pride and hope and it really does change lives. LIFE gives chances for young people to prove themselves. They may have been involved in anti-social behaviour, hoax calls, arson or other dangerous activities. We treat them with respect and as equals. It’s a fun way to learn. They are climbing ladders, squirting water, but all the time we’re teaching them key life skills.

Throughout the programme instructors promote safety messages which they take back home and into their communities.

Drop-out rates even for the disgruntled young people who are chosen for the course is low because it’s fun, different, physically demanding and mentally challenging. But more than that, it’s conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie.

Case Study

Peter Fisher was 17 when he was recruited to Cleveland Fire Brigade’s LIFE course alongside nine other 13 to 17 year olds. Peter is now studying hard to help his local community.

His Dad, Nigel, says: “It’s brought him out of his shell. He wants to be a firefighter and wants to go to college to make it happen. He hasn’t been to school for a long time but now we’re very proud of him and he’s proud of himself – that’s so important. We’re very grateful. It is a marvellous course.”

“I’ve never stuck at anything, but I’ve stuck at this. I haven’t been to school for two years since they expelled me. But now I want to go to college and learn something. They don’t talk down to you – they make you believe in yourself. You feel proud.”

Peter Fisher

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