Health & Wellbeing

Serious fires are caused by smoking and using chips pans. Encouraging people to give up smoking and to get rid of their chip pans for fire safety reasons will also improve the health of our community.

Nearly a third of households in our area have at least one smoker and smokers are at least 35% more likey to have a house fire than non-smokers.

Chip pan fires are often caused when people have been drinking late at night or may be under the influence of drugs. Using oven chips is healthier and less dangerous than deep frying them in a chip pan, but if you have to fry your chips talk to us first about a deep fat fryer.

Working with our partners we promote healthier eating, discourage smoking, tackle binge drinking and drugs problems. Through this work we can help reduce deaths and injuries from fire.

Heart attack survivability

We assist the North East Ambulance Service by providing a co-responder service to the people of East Cleveland.

This means in certain life threatening situations, we jointly respond to an emergency call. If we reach the scene first, our crews are trained and equipped to deal with respiratory and heart condition’s.

We also work with the British Heart Foundation to deliver free emergency life support (ELS) classes. This is important in households where someone may be receiving treatment for heart problems. These classes mean we can train other family members to deliver emergency life support treatment in case a cardiac arrest occurs at home.