Information and advice to reduce deliberate fires.

Reduce access to your property for trespassers and opportunist arsonists:

  • Secure your boundary, repair or block gaps in hedges, walls or fences
  • If you have gates close and lock them • Secure sheds, garages and other outbuildings with padlocks or similar
  • Fit external lighting to alert you to intruders

Manage your refuse – so there are no fuel sources for opportunists:

  • Clear any rubbish from garden, behind sheds etc.
  • Store wheelie bins securely, away from property and out of sight
  • Put bins out on collection day and bring them back in asap
  • Large items like furniture, old vehicles or rubble provide a fuel source, contact your local council for advice on removal of bulky waste
  • Report dumped waste and overgrown hedges to
  • If you have issues with neighbours re: rubbish, bonfires etc. contact your council

Keep your home and vehicles secure:

  • Close windows and keep doors locked
  • Close blinds/curtains at night to reduce visibility of your valuables
  • Park on your drive or in a secure, well-lit area and remove valuables from your vehicle
  • If considering CCTV it should only cover your property and to support a prosecution needs to be 4 megapixels and have resolution of min. 1080p

Look out for your neighbourhood:

  • Well-lit areas are less likely to be targeted
  • Report fly-tipping, broken street lights etc. to
  • Report incidents confidentially to CrimeStoppers 0800 555111
  • Why not join your local neighbourhood watch: