Information and advice to reduce deliberate fires:

Did you know 86% of businesses that have a fire never recover from it and arson is the most common cause of fires in retail premises Most arson attacks are un-planned and opportunist crimes, follow our advice to help protect your business.

Good housekeeping

  • Waste is a potential fuel source for fire, ensure that waste management is covered in your businesses Fire Risk Assessment
  • Waste should be in a secure area, away from buildings, not accessible through perimeter fencing
  • Skips, recycling containers and bins should be kept away from building eaves or canopies
  • Entrances and exits should be clear at all times
  • Keep external areas clear and tidy so intruders are visible and there is less to interest opportunists
  • Plan ahead for busy periods when you have more stock or waste materials

Protect your premises:

  • Make perimeters secure and consider installing security lighting and CCTV (to support a prosecution needs to be 4 megapixels and 1080p res)
  • Consider installing anti-arson letterboxes on entry doors
  • Have a clear signing in and out procedure for staff and visitors
  • Report vandalism and anti-social behaviour they may lead to fire-setting
  • Remember to change codes regularly especially when staff leave the organisation

Involve and inform staff:

  • Staff are your biggest asset and a vigilant workforce can protect your business
  • Have a clear process for opening and closing premises to ensure the site is secure
  • Ensure staff know about fire prevention and have a process to report concerns
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Report incidents anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111