As a new owner or manager of a small business, the fire safety law for the workplace can seem quite daunting.

The Business Fire Safety Awareness Tool has been developed by the NFCC in collaboration between Eyecademy and 925 Studios at Northampton University.

The interactive tool has been designed to give a fun and interactive experience and at the same time give you a general overview of your responsibilities following a fire risk assessment on your premises. As you work your way around your workplace, correcting the identified issues and making it safer, you will be tested on your general fire safety knowledge.

Now test yourself and see what you already know – click on the screenshot below to enter.

(If you are having trouble controlling movement around the tool, please look to reduce the sensitivity of your mouse).

Please note that this tool is for general fire safety awareness in the workplace, it is not intended as training tool for completing a Fire Risk Assessment.

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