2022/2023 Budget and Council Tax

2022/23 Government Funding for Cleveland Fire Authority will be £809,000 higher than in 2021/22 – the first significant increase since 2013/14.   This does not reverse reductions in Government funding in previous years and the amount of Government funding to be received in 2022/23 is £5.7m less than it was in 2013/14 – a reduction of 31%.

Grant Cut 2013/14 to 2022/23 £5.7m – a cut of 31%.

As a result of reductions in Government funding in previous years we made significant changes to modernise services and achieve efficiencies. 

The position for 2022/23 is challenging as we face increased inflation pressures, including energy costs and higher national insurance costs.   After reflecting the increase in Government funding and a Council Tax increase of 1.9% – which raises an additional £237,000 – we have balanced the 2022/23 budget without needing to use reserves or cut services.

The proportion of the budget funded from Council Tax in 2022/23 is 45%, compared to 32% in 2013/14.

The table below shows the amount payable depending on the banding of your property.  Approximately 64% of households in our area in Band A or B.

Property BandCFA Charge
2021/22 (£)
CFA Charge
2022/23 (£)
Weekly Costs
2022/23 (£)
Where does each £1.00 come from?
Pie Chart which shows where each £1.00 is spent

Independent Inspection Result(2019) – Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) looked at how effectively and efficiently the service prevents fires, protects the public and responds to all emergencies. In all these three key areas of efficiency, effectiveness and people – the Brigade has been rated as GOOD.

HM Inspector of Fire & Rescue Services Phil Gormley said: “I’m pleased to report that Cleveland Fire Brigade performed well in each of the main areas of our inspection. This is also impressive given that the brigade has faced some of the largest cuts to its government funding. This is an excellent performance from the brigade – the people of Cleveland can be confident that they are being well-served.”