Smoke Alarms

Only working smoke alarms save lives – test yours weekly #testittuesday


Smoke, the silent killer, is responsible for over half of all deaths in accidental fires in the home.

Working smoke alarms can give people the wake-up call they need to escape – because smoke will not, it will leave you for dead.

You are more than twice as likely to die in a fire in your home if you haven’t got a working smoke alarm. A working smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert you to the danger of fire, giving you time to escape.

Shockingly, in  the majority of domestic fires with fatalities, smoke alarms were either absent or did not go off – and a common cause was missing or flat batteries. That is why the Fire Kills campaign, run in partnership with Cleveland Fire Brigade is asking people to regularly test their smoke alarms.  A simple push of the test button and you will test both the power supply and the detection mechanism.

Making your home safer:

  • Fit smoke alarms on every floor of your home
  • Make testing the alarm part of your household routine in three simple steps:
  1. Test it by pressing the button once a week
  2. Change the batteries once a year if your alarm has removable batteries
  3. Clean the alarms casing every six months to ensure dust is not blocking the sensor
  • Never remove the batteries unless they are being replaced
  • Make sure everyone in your home knows what to do in a fire and knows the escape route

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