Portable Heaters

Portable heaters come in many forms and can be powered by electricity, gas, or paraffin. They all have the ability to start a fire in your home if you do not use them properly. Portable fires have started home fires which have killed people in the past.

Always use a portable fire in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Whatever the type of heater:

  • Back to Stay Safe and CelebrateDo not place it close to furniture, bedding, curtains or any fabrics
  • Do not put anything on/over the heater or use it to dry clothes
  • Do not move it while it is alight or switched on
  • Do not put them where they are likely to be knocked over
  • Do not leave a heater unattended when there are young children or animals around
  • Do not use flammable substances, such as aerosols, adhesives or cleaning fluids, near heaters
  • Keep the heater clean and well maintained
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the room
  • Make sure a safety guard is fitted and used
  • Turn off portable heaters before going to bed
  • If it is going to be used in one place for a long time, consider fixing it to a wall or floor
  • Never sit too close to the heater as you could set light to your clothes or hair, especially if you fall asleep

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