Part-time Firefighter

Part-time firefighting can be for anyone, it could be the ideal job for a parent who needs flexible working hours, someone with some spare time or is unemployed or even someone in full-time employment.

If you would like to be a part-time Firefighter you must live within five minutes travel from the fire station you will be based at and the job involves a number of hours where you must be available for call outs via a pager.

You could earn between £4,800 and £10,000 per year depending which station you are based at.

Check here regularly to find out about our vacancies and more information on becoming a Firefighter.

For further information on becoming a part-time firefighter please contact:

Email:                 Phone: 01429 874021


We are not recruiting for part-time Firefighters at the moment but keep up-to-date with part-time Firefighter opportunities and all other Brigade vacancies, by following the Brigade on Twitter or Facebook.