Providing one of the best emergency response and prevention services in the UK fire and rescue service, Cleveland Fire Brigade is always looking for dedicated and committed people to join its excellent team.

You can choose from a career as a firefighter, responding to and preventing emergency incidents, or become one of a team of dedicated corporate staff, delivering services  directly to members of the community and supporting  firefighters.

Whatever role or level you choose to work in, you can be sure it will be an immensely rewarding one.












Becoming a Firefighter

Firefighters in Cleveland Fire Brigade are some of the most respected members of the community. Although you will respond to emergency incidents, protect people and property from fire and other dangers, you will spend much of your time preventing fire and keeping people safe.

Check here regularly for firefighter vacancies and information about what’s involved in becoming a firefighter.

You can also follow Cleveland Fire Brigade on Facebook and Twitter, where we will also let you know when we are recruiting next and how to apply.











Corporate Staff recruitment

You don’t have to be a firefighter to save lives. As a member of our Corporate Staff team you could be directly involved in preventing deaths and injuries in your local community.

Keeping people safe from fire and other dangers requires a wide range of skills to supplement those of our  front line firefighters. Corporate staff help to supplement these skills and often do work  with firefighters or members of the public to keep them safe.  Find out Corporate Staff recruitment here or follow Cleveland Fire Brigade on Facebook and Twitter for the latest staff vacancies.