Our Services

We deliver our services to the communities we serve using a balanced strategy of prevention, protection and response.

Prevention Services

Children and Young Persons Services
We have developed and provide these services to engage and educate young people; improving awareness of fire, road safety, general health related knowledge and development of key life skills.

We deliver a range of youth engagement programmes aimed at developing key life skills and improving citizenship. By working with our partners, we are able to identify young people at risk or who are hard-to-reach and provide positive experiences and personal development. Find out more about all our young people activities here

Community Health & Wellbeing Services
Domestic safety lies at the heart of our prevention strategy. People are most at risk from fire in the place they should feel safest.  We have therefore developed a range of services around the safety, health and wellbeing of our local citizens and include:

Home Fire Safety Visits
These are delivered across Cleveland and are designed to ensure fire and other risks within the home are identified and members of our communities have the appropriate safety information such as how to make a fire plan for their home and that risks are reduced often by the free issue of equipment such as smoke alarms. Find out more and how to book one here

Advocacy Services
We identify vulnerable members of our communities in order to provide them with targeted, specialist support. We work jointly with other agencies to bring a more holistic approach to service provision and this is achieved through the employment of specialist Advocates who work on a one-to-one basis with their clients.

Stay Safe & Warm Campaign
The Brigade’s Stay Safe & Warm Campaign runs throughout the winter months and is aimed at providing immediate support to members of our communities with inadequate heating or lighting. Find out more here

In 1998 we established Heartstart Cleveland Fire Brigade, a scheme affiliated to Heartstart UK. Through the scheme we offer free emergency life support training. Find out more here

Learn & Live Home Fire Safety
Using impact education we have developed our Learn and Live Home Safety presentation. This is delivered in partnership with other agencies and draws on real life stories to ensure our domestic safety messages are delivered effectively. Find out more here

Learn and Live Substance Misuse Presentation
Substance misuse is often associated with fires in the home. With this in mind we have developed a high impact educational presentation aimed primarily at young people at college or university. Find out more here

Protection Services

Our protection services cover the three main areas of enforcement of legislation, risk management and arson reduction. There is significant overlap in all three areas and we adopt an integrated approach to addressing these issues.


We ensure we fulfill our statutory responsibilities relating to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) by using the Brigade’s Risk Based Inspection Policy, which is underpinned by the RRO Audit procedures. Find out more here

We are statutory and non-statutory consultees for a range of legislation including Building Regulations, Safety in Sports Grounds and Licensing to name but a few.

Business Seminars
The Brigade holds seminars for local businesses to explain legislative fire safety changes resulting from the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Sprinkler Installation
We work with local housing providers, water undertakers, the FPA and CLG on a proof of concept for low cost domestic suppression systems.

Risk Management

Risk Information
Risk information is collated and managed via Station and Brigade risk footprints which are then converted into Site Specific Risk Information and made available via hard copy and our MDT systems.

False Alarms
All unwanted fire signals are investigated so we can help businesses and occupiers to reduce the number of unwanted fire alarms. Find out more here

Arson Reduction
Arson or deliberate fires account for 90% of all incidents attended by the Brigade. The focus of the arson reduction strategy is to develop a range of services to reduce arson related incidents. We work with partner agencies to tackle deliberate fire setting and anti-social behaviour which can lead to the setting of nuisance fires. Examples include our partnership work contributing to the removal of rubbish and boarding up empty properties. Find out more here

Fire Investigation
A process has been put in place to carry out post-fire analysis of all industrial and commercial premises fires. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is also being used to prevent deliberate fire setting in unoccupied premises through serving enforcement notices.  We work closely with the Police and scene of crime officers to investigate arson, determine cause and assist in the apprehension of the offender.

Emergency Response Services

Responding to Emergencies
Our firefighting crews respond to a wide range of incidents. We are called to handle fires, road traffic collisions, as well as chemical and other hazardous substance accidents. We have a pre-determined attendance for every type of incident which tells us how many firefighters and fire engines should be sent. We also have a response standard in place for our attendance times to fires and road traffic collisions. All of this helps us to make sure we send the right people with the right resources to deal with the incident effectively and safely.

Fires are the core activity in terms of our emergency response. We deal with fires across a range of types such as small deliberate fires (arson) to major commercial premises. We have a number of resources strategically placed to meet the needs of the organisation, based on risk.

Road Traffic Collisions
We respond to a number of road traffic collisions. This includes attending minor collisions on “B” and “C” class roads, to attending multiple vehicle collisions on a number of arterial roads such as the A19, A66, A174 and A689.

Rope Rescue
We have a dedicated Rope Rescue Team who provide specialist rescue capability and a safe system of work for crews working at height, over cliffs or underground such as sewers. The team may also be called upon to support Police and Ambulance activities.

Water Rescue / Flooding
The Brigade has a specialist Water Rescue Team that is trained to carry out rescues in a variety of water based environments. We have dedicated vessels which can be launched from a range of sites within Cleveland and are capable of working both up and down stream of the Tees Barrage on a 24/7 basis. The Brigade also supports a regional approach to flood rescues and are available as part of a national response if required.  All firefighters throughout the Brigade are trained in basic water safety.

Animal Rescue
We are called to attend numerous types of animal rescue which range from small domestic pets to horses, cattle and deer. We work closely with local vets, the RSPCA and owners of animals.

Making Buildings Safe
We work closely with the Council’s structural engineers as well as a regional Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) to deal with a variety of incidents involving unsafe premises.

We operate a Co-Responder provision within the East Cleveland area. We mobilise at the request of the Ambulance Service to assist in potential life threatening situations. Our response is an addition to the response by the Ambulance Service.

Chemical and Hazardous Materials
We are equipped to attend and deal with a variety of hazardous material incidents.  Response to this type of incident may involve transport e.g. tankers, rail, cargo or may be located within industrial sites. We have a close working relationship with local industry who assist us when attending such incidents.

National Resilience
We have a number of dedicated and trained officers able to respond to local, regional or national incidents. This includes the provision of specialist equipment such as Detection Identification and Monitoring equipment (DIM).

In the event of a major emergency such as a terrorist attack, this team may be required to provide assistance to deal with an event anywhere in the country.

Body Retrieval
At the request of the Police, we will respond to incidents such as a potential suicide or the retrieval of a dead body, and provide assistance if necessary.

Miscellaneous Special Service
We respond to requests for assistance for a variety of incident types that are not fire related. These include lift rescues and assistance to the Ambulance and Health Service with the lifting of abnormally heavy patients.

Call Handling
We have a dedicated call handling facility which receives all Fire Brigade related emergency calls. Our Emergency Control Room operates on a 24/7 basis and is staff by highly trained personnel who provide a call handling and mobilisation service. In addition the team also provide a support function to operational managers at incidents.

Special Service Scale of Charges 2018-19 (PDF)

Review of Charges 2018-19 (PDF)