Bathroom Safety

Fires can start in your bathroom. To prevent this from happening, follow these safety tips:

Electrical Sockets

  • Keep sockets out of your bathroom altogether. If you do have them, they must be at least three metres away from the bath/shower
  • Keep electrical shaving points at a safe distance from your bath/shower
  • Always keep your electrical appliances e.g. hairdryers and straighteners away from water
  • If you have sockets in your bathroom place covers on them to ensure water does not make contact


Over the festive season and throughout the year, you may enjoy placing candles around the bath to relax. You must:


  • Ensure your bathroom wiring is in place correctly
  • If any wiring is exposed or frayed it is a fire hazard and must be fixed immediately


  • Enclosed ceiling lights are preferable to those hanging down
  • Any unenclosed light fittings should be out of reach so someone who is wet cannot touch them
  • A ceiling-mounted pull-cord switch should be used because of dampness and wet hands

Heaters and towel rails

  • The safest way to keep your bathroom warm is central heating. If you do have an electric heater, it must be fixed at a safe distance from the bath or shower
  • Unless powered by a socket fitted three metres from a bath or shower, bathroom-located electric and gas water heaters must be fixed and permanently wired
  • A pull-cord or switch outside the bathroom is the ideal way to control electric heaters


  • Your electric shower must be supplied on its own circuit directly from your fusebox (consumer unit)

Smoke Alarms

  • It is important you have smoke alarms near bathrooms so if a fire starts you will be alerted quickly