Firesetter Intervention

How can the Fire Brigade help you?

Cleveland Fire Brigade offer a FREE service which aims to stop involvement with fire by educating children and their parents about the dangers of fire and the consequences of its misuse.

Each year many families have their home, part of their home or areas of their community destroyed by fires started either accidentally or deliberately by children.

Research has shown that if fire-setting is not addressed, it can become more serious and even continue into adulthood.

Signs of fire-setting behaviour can include:


What is involved

Pre-arranged visits, usually to your home, will be made by two specialist Fire Brigade staff. They will speak with the young person to support them in changing their fire-setting behaviour.

The advisers will talk to the young person about fire-setting in the home, outside the home and hoax calling.

Fire Safety Guidance

  • Keep only one lighter and preferably keep it on you at all times
  • Do not use matches/lighters within view of the child as they often copy what they see adults doing
  • Children may hide matches/lighters in pockets, school bags etc
  • Regularly check the child’s bedroom for hidden matches/lighter under mattresses, in wardrobes, drawers etc. Look for burn marks in carpets and on furniture
  • Secure garden sheds and garages, as children may hide in these places to light fires
  • Do not place items near fire sources
  • Ask visitors to guard their lighters and make sure they have them with them when they leave
  • Use fixed guards around open fires and heaters
  • Test smoke detectors weekly
  • Close all internal doors to prevent smoke and fire spread. However, doors required for means of escape purposes should not be locked or bolted.

If a fire happens:

Warn the rest of the family, GET OUT, STAY OUT and DIAL 999 


Contact Details

For more information about Fire-setter Intervention services:

Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

HARTLEPOOL: 01429 235447

MIDDLESBROUGH: 01642 851185

STOCKTON: 01642 555400

REDCAR: 01642 777651

Or email or Wendy Dewhirst, Schools Education Manager at

As part of our firesetter intervention service we will offer a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit and fit FREE smoke alarms where necessary. This service is also available to every home in Cleveland, to arrange simply ring 01429 874063.


Data Protection

The Brigade is committed to the protection and safety of children and young people and operates a Child Protection Policy which reflects the principles of both UK legislation and other relevant guidance.

The Fire-setter Intervention service we offer is confidential. However in line with our Child Protection Policy, on occasions, we may need to share information with appropriate agencies. This is carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

All of our education staff are Criminal Records Bureau checked.