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IMG_0291Welcome to Cleveland Fire Authority’s Community Integrated Risk Management Plan 2014 -18 consultation which sets out:

  • our approach to managing risk;
  • what we are doing to protect people, buildings and the natural environment from fire and other emergencies;
  • how we will continue to deliver our excellent services effectively and efficiently; and
  • how we will achieve the appropriate balance between risk and the available resources.

Our approach to risk management is founded on a balanced strategy of prevention, protection and emergency response and our excellent performance tells you that this approach is highly successful. . Indeed, residents in Teesside are less likely to have a fire in the home than in any other part of the country. Additionally, we are now experiencing our all-time lowest levels of incidents and half of what we responded to ten years ago, and the majority of incidents that we do respond to are low risk non-life threatening.

In balancing risk and resources, the Authority must address the Government imposed £6 million grant reduction over the next four years. This challenge is exacerbated given the previous years’ £4m cuts and the associated job losses that have already been made as a result of public sector austerity.

Our new risk footprints; the current operational incident trends; our determination to invest further in prevention; and the unprecedented financial challenges means that we must continue to examine and review all of our resources and their deployment across the whole of the organisation. This is essential to ensure that we have the right resources in the right place doing the right things at the right time.

The reality of the situation is that we may have fewer firefighters staffing fewer fire engines and we may even have to close a fire station. Our Service will not be the same as it is now and we know that some fire engines may take longer to reach some incidents. We accept that no-one will be happy about this, not least ourselves but we believe we have no other choice.

We are now presenting a set of proposals that we believe will have the least possible negative impact on service provision and most importantly our communities and firefighters safety. We are keen to hear as many comments and suggestions as possible before making any final decisions. We must, however, make it very clear that the £6 million budget shortfall must be addressed.

Comments on our Plan can be made from Monday 6 January until Sunday 16 February 2014.


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