Covid-19 Business Advice

Advice to Businesses when Returning to Work

Now that businesses are starting to operate again, here is some key fire safety advice for you to consider:

person conducting risk assessment

Fire Risk Assessments

On returning to work you may need to review your Fire Risk Assessment to reflect the way your business is currently operating. Consider changes such as stock levels, alterations to premises e.g. layout and staff numbers. If there are significant changes to ways of working or the building layout it is essential you review your assessment.

fire exit sign

Means of Escape

Ensure that your escape routes remain available and open correctly – remember, they may have seized up whilst not in use. If you share an escape route remember that those other businesses may not be open. This should be supported with adequate escape signage and lighting to identify the escape routes to be used in event of fire.

overflowing rubbish in alleyway


86% of businesses who suffer a fire never recover. You may have more stock or generate more rubbish. All rubbish should be stored securely away from premises as it can be a target for arsonists. Report any anti-social behaviour confidentially to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.


gentleman conducting training session infront of group of people

Where staff numbers have changed, businesses must ensure that they continue to provide appropriate staff training. If you haven’t undertaken staff training for some time, on your return ensure that all staff know what to do in a fire situation. If those people with specific tasks have not returned to work, ensure that other suitably trained staff are available. You must consider the needs of lone workers and their fire safety.

Maintaining Fire Safety Measures

wooden blocks with different fire safety images with fire exit highlighted

Whilst you have been closed have you maintained your premises fire safety features, i.e. fire alarm, fire extinguisher and emergency lighting? Timely maintenance is vital for the safety of your business and those that use the premises.

If you have any queries please contact our Fire Engineering team who deal with business safety on or visit our website