Equality Impact Assessments

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) help us improve the services we provide for our community and the working lives of our staff. They allow us to assess the impact of our policies or services, helping us to eliminate or mitigate against any adverse effects these may have on our employees or the communities we serve.

Please see below a list of the Equality Impact Assessments that have been undertaken, these are available upon request by emailing: hr@clevelandfire.gov.uk

Corporate Services

            Risk & Performance

  • Policy and Strategy Framework and Standard Operating Procedures (2010)
  • CFB Improvement and VFM Performance 2009/10 Executive Summary
  • Risk Management Policy and strategy
  • Performance Management Strategy and Policy
  • Data Quality Strategy and Policy
  • Compliments and Complaints policy and Strategy
  • Efficiency strategy 2012/13- 2014/15
  • Efficiency policy

Human Resources

  • Equality and Diversity Strategy 2009/2013
  • Redundancy
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Staff Suggestion scheme
  • Target update
  • Work placement
  • Equality and Diversity Policy No 8
  • Hosting of Pride Breakfast at Marine Station

            Corporate Support

  • Service Plan 2010/11
  • Annual Report 2009/10
  • Duty Systems policy
  • Procedure- Annualised hours for staff employed under NJC National Agreement on Pay & Conditions of service (Green book)
  • Member development Framework 2011-2015
  • Corporate and Ethical Governance Framework


  • Procurement Strategy
  • Procurement Policy

Community Protection

            Community Safety

  • Henrietta the hippopotamus
  • Partnership Agreement Between CFB and Telecare (2010)
  • CFB West View School
  • Special Procedures- Control
  • CFB Boys Welfare-Boxing

Fire Engineering

  • Fire Engineering Department plan
  • Deliberate Fires Policy
  • Automatic Fire Suppression systems strategy
  • Ops and Community Safety Procedure Note 36 Guidance for Staffing Officers
  • Personal Protective Equipment Procedure Note 38
  • Hartlepool District Plan
  • Arson Reduction Inspections
  • Property Risk Register Assessment
  • Crimestoppers
  • Referral procedure from ASB Team to FSI Team
  • Community call back
  • Mischief Night and Bonfire Period- 21st October -13th November 2012


  • Coulby Newham Station Open day (2010)
  • Stockton Station Open day (2010)
  • Coulby Fire Station Home Safety Day
  • Watch Managers in Cars
  • Christmas Initiative 2010

Technical Services


  • Airwave Radio procedure


            Operational Assurance & Resilience

  • Standing Operating Procedure-Volume A Fires and Rescues
  • Standing Operating Procedure-Volume B Pre-planned operations
  • Standing Operating Procedures-Volume C Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection
  • Standing Operating Procedures-Volume D General Pre planning and procedures
  • Standing Operating Procedures-Volume H General Support Procedures
  • Medical Training (FAAW, FAFF, ITLS)
  • Risk Assessment & Standard operating procedure: Residential 6.10
  • Standard operating procedure-C2- Decontamination
  • H2: Major Event Protocol (2010)
  • Standard Operating Procedure-C2 Decontamination


Business Development

  • Data Protection Act 1998 Training Document (2010)
  • Social Media Policy
  • Cleveland Fire Brigade Partnership strategy
  • Standard Operating Procedure for Partnership working
  • Digital Imaging Procedures