Only sausages should sizzle this Summer

Cleveland Fire Brigade warn that only sausages should be sizzling this summer as they remind residents how to stay safe at home over the summer with a series of fire safety tips.

They include being extra vigilant with BBQ’s, taking care in the kitchen and disposing of rubbish safely.

Figures show in June, July and August last year there were 34 house fires with cooking the main cause and this year we have already had a number of incidents of fires spreading from BBQ’s.

Smoking related incidents are the second biggest cause of fires. Cigarettes should be extinguished properly and hot materials, like BBQ ashes, should never be dumped in the bin. Refuse in the garden not stored securely, away from property, can cause fires from BBQ’s to spread and can be a target for arsonists.

Firefighters from Grangetown Community Fire Station were called to a property last month (May) after a fence was accidentally set alight from a BBQ. The blaze rapidly spread to the shed and caused heat damage to the house with six children, aged 13 weeks to 12-years-old, having to be rescued through a ground floor window.

Steve Johnson, Senior Head, Prevention and Engagement, said: “This is just one example of the serious consequences when fires, like BBQ’s, can quickly get out of hand if not controlled. We want everyone to enjoy themselves during the long and hot summer months but take care to rule out any potential hazards.

“Think about where you are positioning your BBQ. Not close to buildings or fences, or blocking access. The BBQ should be monitored at all times and children and pets kept at a safe distance and ensure that after use BBQ coals are disposed of safely.

“Careless cooking can be a recipe for disaster, both indoors and out. Be sensible and don’t leave cooking unattended, chuck out your chip pan – they should never be used. And remember that drinking can lead to distractions so don’t drink and cook.”

The seasonal fire safety tips are outlined in a Cleveland Fire Brigade summer safety campaign.

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