Don’t have a rubbish Christmas

Festive tips to prevent residents and businesses having a rubbish Christmas are being posted by Cleveland Fire Brigade. 

The seasonal safety messages are a reminder not to make wheelie bins and refuse containers a target for arson attacks and deliberate fires. 

They are featured in two short (30 second) animated videos made for YouTube that will be pushed out via digital channels including social media. 

They can be found at:

Don’t have a rubbish Christmas – Work

Don’t have a rubbish Christmas – Home

Steve Johnson, Area manager, Prevention and Protection, said: “This time of year many of us, both at home and at work, have a lot more rubbish and collection days may be changed.

The last thing we want is bins and containers left out or unsecure because you have not checked when the refuse teams are coming. They can become easy targets for arsonists and fire can easily spread to houses and other premises and ruin your Christmas. Circle any rearranged collection days on a calendar or set a reminder on your mobile so you won’t forget.

Don’t pile rubbish up. If you have extra items, keep them in a secure place away from premises and arrange a date for collection. Following simple safety precautions can ensure a happy and safe Christmas for everybody.”

Cleveland Fire Brigade are urging people to share the films and will crews will be following up with a wheelie bin sticker campaign in the New Year.

For residents:

  • Check Christmas collection dates
  • Ensure your wheelie bin is not left outside or unsecure
  • Put your wheelie bin out on n day of collection and bring back in as soon as possible
  • Keep your wheelie bin a secure place away from property
  • Don’t overfill your wheelie bin, keep extra rubbish safe and secure

For businesses:

  • Use refuse containers at all times and if possible keep in locked area
  • Do not let containers overflow store any additional rubbish safely
  • Refuse containers should be stored away from property
  • Remember to switch off unnecessary lights/plugs
  • Remember to secure premises before leaving for the holidays