Forward to safety as clocks go back

Cleveland Fire Brigade remind residents to stay safe as the clocks go back this weekend.

Steve Johnson, Area Manager, Protection and Prevention, said: “While you are changing your clocks why not test your smoke alarms at the same time. A working smoke alarm could save your life.

“Figures show that you are four times more likely to die in a fire if you do not have working smoke alarms. It only takes a couple of minutes to test them and make sure you are safe.

“With the darker nights it is also a timely reminder for all road users to have their cars checked. It is recommended that drivers check their lights every couple of weeks to make sure all the bulbs are working properly and the lights are clean.

“Cyclists need to be well lit and wear high visibility clothing. Pedestrians need to be more visible and vigilant during the darker nights.

“Enjoy your extra hour in bed but remember these safety tips to keep you safe in the winter months when there are added hazards in the home and on the roads.”