Crash course in road safety

Young drivers are getting a crash course in road safety as they celebrate the end of exams and the start of the summer holidays.

The dangers of drink/drug driving, speeding, driving while distracted and not wearing seatbelts – known as the Fatal Four – will be driven home to engineering apprentices from across Teesside by the emergency services and local authority road safety teams at NETA Training in Stockton on Wednesday, June 6  (1pm – 3.30pm).

Cleveland Fire Brigade will stage a crash scene and extricate students from a wrecked car demonstrating the challenges both casualties and rescuers can face. Apprentices will also have the opportunity to take a car journey in Virtual Reality using the latest technology and see at first-hand the harrowing consequences of a road crash that could so easily have been prevented.

The Police Safety Camera Team will profile the latest laser speed detection equipment used to help keep our roads safer.

Apprentices will be able to test their brake reaction times on specialist equipment which serve to highlight the distances a vehicle will travel before stopping in an emergency.

Traffic officers from Cleveland and Durham Police Specialist Operations will also be delivering a hard hitting drink drive case study highlighting how lives can be wrecked by driving whilst under the influence.

Andrew Bright, Cleveland Fire Brigade’s Learn and Live Co-ordinator:  “This event will give apprentices a real hands-on opportunity to learn about the key risks that can face drivers and passengers on our roads but more importantly give them strategies to avoid the dangers that can so often wreck lives. With the World Cup tournament just about to start many people will be planning to enjoy a drink or two while watching the football. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but at the same time ensure the roads are kept safe by raising awareness of the dangers of drink-driving.  

“We are asking drivers to think and plan ahead if they are going out and drink is involved. Leave the vehicle at home and take a taxi or have a designated driver who isn’t drinking. Remember, if you have been drinking the night before you could still be well over the limit on your next journey.

“Passengers also have an important role to play not only to keep themselves safe but also their friends who might be driving. We all can play a part in keeping our roads safe and Look Out For Each Other. Our message is ‘None for the Road’.

David Laycock, NETA Training’s Programme Area Leader – Engineering, said: “We are delighted to welcome Cleveland Fire Brigade to NETA Training to help deliver this important safety message to our young apprentices and students. The information and activities provided by the emergency services to raise awareness of the dangers on the roads really do pack a punch, but we believe it is essential that our students are given the guidance and advice they need to help them to make the right choices, keeping themselves, their friends, family and other road-users safe.”