Firefighters in high rise training exercise

Firefighters will be testing their response to high rise fires on an empty block of flats before they are demolished.

Cleveland Fire Brigade have been given the opportunity to test its plans to deal with high rise blazes on Elm House Apartments in Bath Lane, Stockton on Monday September 4 and Tuesday September 5.

Although there will be no fire or smoke used in the exercises, firefighters will simulate their response to a fire in a flat with a number of people unaccounted for.

Phil Lancaster, Director of Community Protection at Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “These exercises will allow a number of our crews to put into practice their knowledge and understanding of firefighting a high rise incident.

We would like to reassure the public we have robust procedures already in place for high rise fires.

While fires of this nature are extremely rare we welcome the chance to test our responses to incidents of this kind and indeed we do this for a range of scenarios including on-board ship fires and industrial site fires.

Members of the public should not be alarmed if they see a large fire brigade presence in the Bath Lane area of Stockton on these days.”

Further exercises are planned for October 2 and October 19.