New handy guide to help Teessiders prepare for emergencies

CCRC-Introductory-PostPeople living on Teesside can be better prepared to deal with emergencies with the publication of a new guide.

Advice and guidance on the kinds of incidents faced by the public from pandemic flu and adverse weather to cyber attacks and power cuts have been brought together in a handy booklet.

The Cleveland Community Risk Register is a useful guide containing emergency telephone numbers, lists of key items to have to hand in the home and advice on what to do in the event of an emergency.

Copies of the Community Risk Register have been distributed to civic centres, libraries and community centres across the Cleveland area and a digital version is available to download free from

Phil Lancaster, Director of Community Protection for Cleveland Fire Brigade and Chair of the Cleveland Local Resilience Forum said: “The Risk Register is crucial for preparing for and responding to emergencies. This latest version of the register contains a range of information of different types of risks faced from flooding to industrial incidents and is aimed at helping communities to be an effective part of the response.

“I would urge all residents to pick up or download a copy, read it and keep in somewhere safe. We hope you’ll never need to use it but in the event of an emergency, key information is contained to help people react in a safe manner.”

The Community Risk Register is a useful way for residents of Cleveland to gain practical knowledge on:

  • What the key risks in the Cleveland area are
  • What the emergency services, local authorities, health  and other public sector agencies and utility companies are doing and what support they will provide in an incident
  • What individuals and communities can do to before and during incidents
  • Specific advice on a range of risks included cyber attacks, flooding and utilities failure