Lessons in kitchen safety

NOPA PromisePupils at a Middlesbrough school are supporting a Cleveland Fire Brigade campaign to keep people safe in the kitchen.

The youngsters at North Ormesby Primary Academy backed the safety drive when firefighters dropped in to warn them of the dangers when they are at home this half-term.

The children promised not to mess about and distract anyone who may be making them a meal. Leaving cooking unattended is the main cause of kitchen fires.

Their support comes during February, designated as national “Cooking Safety” month. Figures show there were 63 kitchen fires in Cleveland last year and 45 of these were cooking related.

Phil Lancaster, Director of Community Protection, Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “The kitchen can be the most dangerous room in your home and it only takes a minute’s distraction for a fire to take hold.  We are delighted these youngsters are helping us get our safety messages out and we hope everyone has a happy and safe half-term.

“Although February is designated Cooking Safety month we want people to remember be careful in the kitchen throughout the year.

“If you need to leave your kitchen for whatever reason, please turn the cooker off first. And please don’t drink and cook – it’s a recipe for disaster. If you want a snack after a night out make something cold from the fridge or get a takeaway. That way you’re not tempted to turn the cooker on when you get home.”

Louise Dixon, PHSE Coordinator, North Ormesby Primary Academy, said: “The pupils really enjoyed taking part and I am sure they all learned some real fire safety lessons that will help them at home.”

Top safety tips:

  • Stand by your pan – NEVER leave cooking unattended. It is the cause of 46% of kitchen fires
  • Chuck out your chip pan – it could save your life. Chip pans cause 24% of kitchen fires
  • Keep your cooker clean – burnt food can and does cause fires
  • Keep tea towels and clothes away from the cooker and hob
  • Don’t let pan handles stick out – they could easily get knocked off.