Alarming the neighbours

Bleeping smoke alarms should be a wake-up call to check on your neighbours say
Cleveland Fire Brigade.

ItBe-a-good-neighbour...2 is a timely reminder during the summer break with many people away on holiday or just out and about. If you hear your neighbour’s smoke alarm bleeping, don’t just assume they have heard it too.

Be a good neighbour and check that all is well without putting yourself at risk – if you are in any doubt call the Fire Brigade out

Phil Lancaster, Director of Community Protection at Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “The bleeping can be irritating but it only takes a second to knock on your neighbour’s door or look through the windows to make sure everything is in order.

“If there is any hint of smoke or fire – then dial 999 immediately. They may be asleep oraway so a quick call could prevent serious damage, injury or even save lives.”

Figures show that without a working smoke alarm you are four times more likely to die in a fire.

Making your home safer:

  • Fit smoke alarms on every floor of your home
  • Make testing the alarm part of your household routine in three simple steps:
  1. Test it by pressing the button once a week
  2. Change the batteries once a year if your alarm has removable batteries
  3. Clean the alarms casing every six months to ensure dust is not blocking the sensor
  • Never remove the batteries unless they are being replaced
  • Make sure everyone in your home knows what to do in a fire and knows the escape route