Five year old girl rewarded for being a hero


Annabel and her brother Ben pictured with Thornaby White Watch

Annabel and her brother Ben pictured with Thornaby White Watch

A five year old girl who alerted her parents and younger brother to a fire in their home is being rewarded for her calm and brave actions by receiving a ride to school in a fire engine and then being presented with a certificate in front of her class mates and family.

Annabel Morland came across a fire in her family home in Ingleby Barwick and raised the alarm by going to her parents and telling them calmly there was a fire and they all had to get out of the house. The family all got out the house safely and phoned the fire brigade who dealt with the fire which had started in an electrical fuse box.

Fire Chiefs praised Annabel for her swift actions which she said she had learnt after having a fire safety talk at her school, Ingleby Mill Primary School.

Phil Lancaster, Director of Community Protection for Cleveland Fire Brigade said, “Our schools education programme is a big part of what we do. Speaking with children from a young age, firstly so they know what to do to help reduce the risk of a fire and also what to do should a fire start. Annabel did exactly as she should have, alerting her family straight away that there was a fire in their home and getting them all out of the house safely.

“Annabel did a fantastic job and we now consider her an honorary firefighter, the way she remained calm and did exactly what she should have is just brilliant.

“Examples like this show how essential it is that all members of the household need to know what to do in case of fire and I would encourage parents to ensure their children follow Annabel’s example and know what to do should something like this happen to them.

“We have an online interactive Christmas house which is an ideal fun tool to get some great safety tips that keep the entire family safe, particularly at this time of year where the risk of fire could increase”

Annabel’s mum Lisa Morland spoke about the actions of her daughter saying, “We are very proud of Annabel and the way in which she alerted us to the fire. As the fire was at the back of the house in the utility room our smoke alarms hadn’t started actuating and it was only as we were leaving the house that they started bleeping. We dialled 999 as soon as we got out.”

Annabel’s dad Philip Morland added, “Because of Annabel’s actions, not only did we all get out safely but we caught the fire in its early stages which did minimise the damage. It could have been a lot worse. When me and my wife spoke to Annabel and Ben, her 4 year old brother when we had got outside the house they both said that they had learnt what to do after firefighters had visited their school which just shows the importance of the fire brigades talks in schools.”