Students experience how to ‘Learn and Live’

Donovan Jevons being rescued from a car

OVER two hundred 15-16 year-olds at Middlesbrough’s Trinity Catholic College have been learning about the effects of dangerous driving from Cleveland Fire Brigade.

Four of the Brigade’s Learn and Live road safety presentations – which featured hard-hitting content and key road safety messages – were delivered throughout the day.

Two students also took part in a rescue display. Acting as driver and passenger, they were cut out of a car by firefighters to demonstrate to the students what the Brigade has to do when serious collisions occur.

Donovan Jevons, the student acting as the driver, said: “It was a really good experience because it made me realise how scary it would be in real life. I would only get into a car with someone who I know and trust, and who I know would be sensible.”

Samuel Hastings, the student acting as the passenger, added: “I couldn’t see and the noise of the windows breaking and cutting equipment was an experience I don’t want to have again.”

Figures show that during 2011 there were a total of 1,345 casualties as a result of road traffic collisions throughout Cleveland, of which 144 received serious injuries and 12 were fatalities.

Andrew Bright, Learn & Live Co-ordinator for Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “This event was an excellent opportunity to reach out to the Year 11 students at the college, many of whom will no doubt be shortly considering taking up driving, motorcycling or travelling with their friends as passengers.

“The reality is that the 16-24 age group continues to fall into a high risk category for serious injury and death on our roads and we hope that the hard-hitting Learn and Live roadshow will increase the students’ understanding and awareness of the risks.

“Often incidents are a result of excess speed, overtaking dangerously, drink and drugs, driving whilst distracted by such things as mobile phones and not wearing seat belts. These issues were highlighted in graphic terms through the Impact Education sessions that were delivered.”

Chrissy Gargett, Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) teacher at Trinity Catholic College, said: “This was an extremely valuable day and we hope that the hard-hitting information will help keep our students safe on the road as they become drivers and passengers out with their friends.”

For information about Learn and Live click here or view road safety advice here.