A cool ride to school in a fire engine for poster winner

Rebecca celebrating outside of her school

A pupil from Wolviston Primary School arrived in style at the school gates this week after winning a ‘Cool ride to school’ in a fire engine.

Rebecca Blick entered a poster competition held by Cleveland Fire Brigade which was part of the Brigade’s aim to spread safety messages about the dangers of grass fires. The competition ran across primary schools throughout the Stockton-on-Tees area.

The 11 year old’s poster warns people that ‘If you think grass fires are cool, you must be a fool!’ Rebecca’s design was one of many sent to the Brigade by school children.

Fire crews picked up Rebecca who lives in Billingham, from her home in a fire engine and gave her a ride to school where she was greeted by her fellow pupils. She was then presented with some HMV vouchers, a framed copy of the poster she designed and a goodie bag.

Runners up in the competition were Ellie Mae Rooney who came second in the poster competition and Callum Rosim who came third. Both attend Roseberry Primary School, Stockton and will also receive some HMV vouchers each and a framed copy of their poster.

Tony Churchill, Stockton District Manager, with Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “With the summer months upon us, we want to ensure everyone enjoys them – safe from grass fires. For this, people need to be aware of the consequences of grass fires and the damage they can cause to their local communities.

“Rebecca’s design is fantastic and it’s easy to see why it received so many votes. It will certainly help spread the message that grass fires are a drain on the Brigade’s resources and are dangerous to the surrounding areas and wildlife.”

Rebecca's winning design