Winter Road Safety

During the Winter months there is increased risks when driving in the wintry weather conditions that can be unpredictable. It is important to be prepared, this includes preparation of your vehicle, yourself and your journey.

Drivers need to take special care when weather conditions affect visibility or road surfaces. Always give yourself extra time for your journey, ensure your windscreens are clear and check your vehicle’s tyres, lights, fluid levels and wiper blades.



You can also view and download safety information below:

Here is our checklist for winter driving:

  • Check forecasts and traffic news, both local and national
  • Check your tyres regularly for winter driving conditions, we recommend a minimum depth of 3mm.
  • Keep your windscreen clear and regularly top up your washer bottle with screen wash, keep windows and mirrors thoroughly demisted and clear of ice and snow.
  • Get your car ready for winter and treat it to a winter service. Breakdowns are more common at this time of year
  • Inform someone of your intended route and time of arrival
  • Keep your distance. Stopping distances are ten times longer in ice and snow
  • Drive gently in icy conditions. Avoid harsh braking and acceleration or sharp steering and most importantly remember to reduce your speed.
  • Put together a winter emergency kit containing the following essential items: ice-scraper and de-icer, a high-visibility vest, warning triangle, mobile phone for use only when parked, torch, snacks, bottled water, blanket, warm clothes, boots and a first-aid kit.

Tyre Safety is important all year round, please read the information below:

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